Counselling and Redress.

             Having reflected on the complex issues of the provision of counselling in the context of redress

the following are suggested:

  • The  provision of counselling should be the funding of the health care worker of the survivor's choice.    
  • It should not be limited to psychologists but include sexual asult counsellors and trauma release counsellors
  • It should include other health care workers of the survivors choice   eg psysiotherapy, kensiology.
  • The treating professional to be bound bu confidentiality  and the institution paying be legally prevented from accessing survivor records
  • The  health care workers to only state that the treatment in their opinion is treating symptoms of sexual abuse   
  • The instituition to be prevented rom employing professionals to discredit victims claims or the assessment of health care workers
  • Survivors have to take time off work  or limit employment opportunities in the casualised workforce and therefore should be paid
                        for the time  attending, travel time  and two hours post treatment processing and  reflection time.

          Too many institutions have abused legal process and employed their professionals to discredit the survivor's health care workers
fear of discreditation and fear of time testifying in court  is limiting access to professional services
and making referals almost impossable thereby hindering the delivery of health care.

  • Sexual trauma can impact on many aspects of a survivors life.
  • Sexual trauma can produce multiple health  issues. It is imperative that GP's, Counsellors,
     .        Dentists, Optomitrists, Colonopists etc and Pastors are able to write referals and document symptoms
         to facilitate the delivery of comprehensive health care.
  •  An interdisciplinary approach is needed.  eg  a survivor of anal rape should be supported
  •          by other health care workers before and after the triggering procedure.
  •          prostrate examinations must be disclosed before the operation and post op care provided.